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London or Paris, which is the best romantic holiday destination?

An escapade of two

Who doesn't love to be in love? The looks, the reaching hands, the hugs and kisses, and all the shared projects and dreams. All moments become special when you are with your better half, and it is a great idea to celebrate your love and have a few days of neverending enjoyment, only the two of you together. Hence the huge popularity of romantic vacations. You spend some time alone, do fun stuff, visit new places, and witness the beauty of the world in the most beautiful of companies.

Some places in the world are famous for being romantic destinations. Many are preferred for honeymoons, the supreme romantic vacation, as well as for other escapades. Even some countries are said to be perfect for this purposes because their people and culture themselves are inviting to romance and adventurous affairs. This is the case of Italy, a nation which people have worldwide fame as dreamy lovers as well as romantic temptation. Rome and other Italian cities are chosen year after year by hundreds of couples to spend some quality time, and even some single people looking for a promising encounter.

Paris je t'aime

Is there a more romantic way to say "love" than amour? This suggestive and smooth word, full of mysterious scents of food and country breeze, can give the goosebumps to the less romantic fellows in the world. France is unique in many things, intriguing and poetic, and it attracts tourists from all around the world because of this very reason. The word France is synonym of sophistication, elegance and, of course, romance.

With a whole country to pick from, you have many choices for a romantic destination. If you like the quiet life, a closer contact with nature, or both, the French countryside will be a perfect option for you. You can rent a cabin or stay at a inn, and spend some slow-down days with your significant other. Every morning, the scent of newly baked bread will wake you up, and then you'll be able to enjoy long walks, sightseeing, horseback riding or any other country activity of your preference. This is a great chance to slow down from your busy life and connect with your loved one.

If you like a more active, citadine time abroad, then a French city is the best choice for you. Paris is considered by many to be the most romantic city of the world. It is a vibrant capital that combines modern infrastructure, shopping malls and a very intense nightlife, with the old and traditional winding alleys, bistros and French balconies with coloured flowers perfuming the streets.

The culinary and cultural proposals of Paris never end, and the very atmosphere of the city invites to a romantic experience. Hearing spoken French in the background and being surounded by France's very particular style sets up the mood for all sorts of romantic experiences. Paris itself offers plenty of activities and tours to keep you busy as well as give you wonderful moments of relaxation and contemplation. Seeing the whole city of lights from the Eiffel tower with your loved one is something that you will never, ever forget.

Is romance closer than you think?

All of us, with little to no exception, are used to think that the most beautiful and dreamy things in this world are far away, somewhere else, across the ocean and beyond the horizon. We daydream of some perfect place out there, where we can find happiness and the ecstasy of love. However, just as the old story tells, sometimes happiness is just around the corner, but we miss it because we don't even look for it there.

More and more couples are finding a romantic paradise for an escapade in London. And we agree with them. The city of the Queen provides many scenarios and opportunities for romantic activities and tours, without the need to leave the UK at all. London is ready to receive couples from all origins, and provide them with the most romantic experience they can imagine.

London boasts some of the finest acomidation as well as cosmopolitan cuisine and millions of activity proposals. The best London destination to visit depends on your taste and style, but what is for sure is that whatever your taste is, you will find something in London. Maybe it's a walk along Hyde park, maybe a romantic dinner on a boat on the Thames. The Eye of London is an amazing trip nobody should miss. Walking down Westminister is also a must and, of course, you should end up your night chilling in any of the dozens and dozens of bars before heading back to your room for some sleep or something else.

Bienvenue � France!

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  • London or Paris, which is the best romantic holiday destination?
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