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How to Book a Room in France

What's your travel style?

Traveling is just amazing. It's fun, it's stimulating, it's educational and it's so much more. People love traveling, be it for vacations, studies, job opportunities or the mere hunger for new experiences. Even more, we believe that everyone should travel. It's refreshing and exciting, it puts you in contact with different cultures and environments, so it gives you a much wider perspective on life and yourself, and of course, it can be very entertaining.

Traveling is for everyone, but not all sorts of travel are for everyone. There are many ways in which you can approach a journey. Each person should find their own travel style, which is, they way they feel better and enjoy the most when they travel. You can go out searching for adventure and thrill, or perhaps you prefer to find knowledge and learn more about the world, or maybe your perfect vacations are a romantic escapade to a quiet hidden paradise. Possibilities are endless, and you should pick the one that gives you the most pleasure and helps you enjoy the most your days away.

Most people don't really think about this and just do what everyone else does. Visit the usual places, at the usual main cities in the usual countries. And that's OK. There's nothing wrong about that choice, as long as it remains a choice. In other words, we believe that people should be aware of other options and what are their advantages, in order to make sure that the usual itinerary is really what they want. Going off the beaten track can be a little frightening because you get off your comfort zone and go to places that haven't been widely acclaimed as touristic hotspots, but just for that very reason you could end up having very special moments that you can treasure in your memories. 

Book a room according to your style

You should define what kind of vacation you want before you start looking for accommodation. Are you going to choose a major city for your stay? If so, which are are you going to visit? The main tourist area? Downtown? Uptown? Or perhaps something very different, like a village? Perhaps the middle of the countryside? Is it a low-budget vacation? Is it a luxury vacation?

The main problem about traditional accommodation is that they are usually staged to have a more international look. They are supposed to be nice places where to stay, with standard rooms and standard commodities. For this reason, they usually lose quite a lot - or even all - of the local identity. For example, if you book at a big hotel chain, you will have pretty much the same room in France, the UK and Bangkok. Where's the local feel, where's that special charm that you've gone there to see and experience? Going back to your room shouldn't end with the touristic experience in our opinion, so if you want something more authentic you might want to consider other options.

Book with a local

France is worldwide famous because of many things: its contribution to art and history, its monuments and its cultural fame, but most of all what charms people and makes them want to go back is its very unique style. The French feel is longed by people from all continents, and they travel very far in order to experience it first hand.

So what is best for that than walking away from standard hotels and staying in an actual French home, even sharing French meals with the host family? A website called Guest in the City makes it possible, putting tourists and travelers in contact with non-professional French hosts who are willing to share meals with them and provide accommodation for a very reasonable fee. Spending the night with locals, or to put it in French, "dormir chez l habitant", is a great way to experience their culture just the way it is. 

We suggest that you check Guest in the City's website and reviews in order to get an idea on what sort of experience it can become. It's unconventional, of course, but we believe that it can be a very tempting option for those travelers who want a more authentic French experience.

You need to define your style and your itinerary before you look for rooms. Even the sort of accommodation of your choice will depend on the style of journey that you pick. Click here to find more information about more traditional accommodation in France, mostly apartments and hotels. These are good choices and there are lots of practical aspects that they can solve, to help you find the perfect stay in France. 

Bienvenue � France!

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