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Fly to France!

Most destinations in the world require some sort of introduction. Their beauty and their charm should be presented and described, and their best features should be highlighted so you understand their true value. France is one of the very few countries in the world that doesn’t need an introduction at all.

Hundreds of tourists from the five continents fly every year to see France with their own eyes. Ours is a country full of history, culture and undeniable elegance. World capital of fashion, arts and style, and also home of great monuments and enchanting landscapes.

If you have never been to France before, today is a great day to start considering the many beauties that this country has to offer. And if you have already been here, and thus understand the charm of our land, it’s never a bad idea to come back and see new places or just enjoy the old ones again.

Spread the word and get your suitcases ready! A trip to France is never, ever a waste of time. Choose your favourite destination among all places and prepare yourself for the experience of your life! France is waiting for you!


Find accommodation!

France is huge, and it’s easy to get lost with all its cities and towns and coutrysides. If you’re planning to stay here for some days -and you should- you will need to find a place to stay.

At French Holiday Magazine, we review and enlist the best accommodation options for travelers. We cover all main cities of France, most towns and villages, and even a few hidden destinations in the fields. 

We provide information on the best hotels and hostels, suitable for all budgets and expectations. Also, we cover a wide range of apartment rentals recommendations, for those who want to live a closer experience to the everyday lifestyle of true French people.

We recommend apartment rentals if you want to experience the true French spirit! Read our blog to find great ideas on how to make the best out of your accommodation in any French destination!



Enjoy your stay!

A lifetime isn’t enough to see and enjoy all we have to offer here in France. However, we will do our best to help you make the best use of your time here. We know our country better than anyone, and we offer true local knowledge on the best gems of France.

At French Holiday Magazine, you will find ideas for activities, rides and touristic destinations all across our country. Don’t get stuck with the classical sights - the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, the Champs Elisees and little more. See all atractions and interesting sights wherever you go. 

Check our articles for tips on activities and accommodation in France! True local knowledge at your service. 

Get the best experience in your visit to France with French Holiday Magazine! Contact us to get more information on activities and accommodation in France, or to request any topic to be covered in our blog! 

Best picks. Best places. Best rentals.

Bienvenue � France!

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